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The purchase of mitigation credits saves you both time and money

When building or land development projects cause unavoidable wetland impacts or other ecological resources are needed, the developer is called upon to compensate for those impacts, and that is where mitigation banking provides a solution.

The goal of mitigation banking is to protect our natural resources and still keep pace with community growth and necessary infrastructure expansion and maintenance. Through mitigation banking, builders, developers and municipalities, as well as, state and federal agencies can implement environmental solutions economically.

Mitigation banking has a number of advantages over traditional permittee-responsible compensatory mitigation. One of which is that it reduces the uncertainty of whether or not the compensatory measures taken will be successful in offsetting the ecological values and functions lost as a result of the development project. Additionally, mitigation banks typically are required to have financial assurances and mechanisms, as well as having, planning and scientific expertise that is not always available to a developer or builder.

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