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Mitigation Banking helps to protect and preserve the environment

The Sandy Creek Mitigation Bank, is located within St. Johns River Water Management District Basin 5, which is a nested basin within the interior of Basin 4. This means we can offer State credits in both Basins 4 and 5. Providing mitigation for both forested and herbaceous wetland impacts, we help to protect the habitats of animal species including sand hill crane, bobcats, wood stork, as well as, various reptilian species such as the Florida alligator and more.

The Six Mile and Julington Creek watershed is one of the fastest growing areas in the region. There is high demand for credits for both public and private permitted activities and often there are not sufficient credits available to meet the needs of the watershed. The objective of the Sandy Creek Mitigation Bank will be to provide credits through the restoration and enhancement of palustrine forested wetlands to compensate for wetland impacts within the Six Mile and Julington Creek watershed as well as the Lower St. Johns River watersheds.

Credits within the Sandy Creek Mitigation Bank are readily available and are offered in both Basins 4 and 5. These credits can be reserved so that the developer is assured that credits will be available when needed.

With a prime location adjacent to the Twelve Mile Swamp Conservation Area, Sandy Creek Mitigation Bank mitigation credits are highly desirable and offer credits that provide a mitigative alternative that is favored by the regulatory agencies.